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Please contact us at LEPITUS in order to provide you or your company with professional Business Consulting Services, including but not limited to "Vison Bank" (The Vison Bank is a proposed awareness, and accountability concept & system for the company's long term strategic planning) and or "S.A.P." (Strategic Action Planning) for small to mid-size companies and organizations. Our proprietary S.A.P. process has been developed exclusively by Christian Oesch, Director of LEPITUS ENTERPRISES AG, which is a copyright of Christian Oesch, Author © Consultant - all rights reserved.

Generic subjects covered are:

  1. Identify Stakeholders
  2. Purpose & Statement
  3. Mission & Statement
  4. Vision & Statement: (for internal use only)
  5. Organizational Culture & Development
  6. SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats)
  7. Strategic Options & Focus
Business Focus Anchors
Product - Service Price
Customer or Market / Industries Quality
Technologies / Infrastructure Speed
Production Capacity / Manufacturing Customer Service
Marketing & Sales - PR Technology
  1. Strategies (long, mid and short term)
  2. KPI's & Developments (Key Performance Indicators)
  3. Values
  4. Primary "Value - Adding"
  5. Operating Objectives
  6. Business Process Modeling (Process and Relationship map)
  7. Competitors
  8. Potential Joint Venture Partners
  9. Greatest Opportunities meriting action
  10. Greatest Vulnerabilities meriting action
  11. Critical Success Factors:
  12. Identify Key Projects
  13. Identify key tasks necessary to complete each active project
  14. Create an organizational tracking and reporting process (format, system and policy)
  15. And more...